Ended up at the Dodgers vs Padres for Wills Birthday. 
LETS GO PADRES!!  (at Dodger Stadium)
It’s this guys birthday so we are going on an adventure! Happy Birthday @willwellman 

PS you’re cute. (at Golden Hill Cafe)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (x)

Does anyone else get annoyed at photos like this? These cookies have no room to bake they will literally end up forming a tray of cookie mixture. which is obviously fine if thats what you are going for but if you are making actual cookies space that shit out let them form into beautiful disks of chocolate chip heaven.#bakerproblems.
I want this dog and I will name her Abaddon. I will paint her nails red and she will be my little destroyer and when she is all cute and cuddly I will call her Abby or Abs. And she will be the best puppy in the universe.
Getting all official and stuff with @moviefloss :)
Today I made this.
Yeezy feat. Jay Z feat. JT Album Cover for Do You Know About a Outer Space: Death Star Prequel